G35-1050 Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing Billet Wheel Turbocharger T3/T4.82/0.83/1.01/1.21 DV Hsg

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You will get a whole turbo and accessories showing

Fit Vehicle: Universal turbo for performance use, racing car, etc.
Fit engine displacement 2.0-5.5L,Horse Power:700-1050

Specifications As Factory Stock 
Compressor wheel: 68/84mm
Compressor Housing: 0.75 A/R Anti-Surge, 3" Inlet, 2" Outlet

Turbine wheel: 68mm/62mm

Five options of Turbine housing :
1. T3 0.82 Vband outlet
2. T4 0.82Vband outlet
3. Dual Vband, 0.83 A/R
4. Dual Vband, 1.01 A/R
5. Dual Vband, 1.21 A/R