GEN2 GTX35 GTX3582 Journal Bearing Billet Wheel TurboCharger T3 Inlet

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1. GEN2 Anti-surged Compressor Cover with Fully-Machined Speed Sensor Port
2. GEN2 Compressor Wheel size as 65.7/82.6/85.3mm
3. Journal Bearing System
4. Cooling System: Both Water and Oil Cooling
--Water Inlet/Outlet: M14*1.5-6H
--Oil inlet: 7/16-24 UNF
--Oil Outlet: 2-M8*1.25-6H
5. 10 Blades Turbine Wheel 68/62.3mm
6. Turbine Housing Options: A/R 0.82, A/R 1.06