GEN II GTX3584RS Dual Ball Bearing Twin Turbocharger Up to 2000HP

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Application:Universal Performance Turbo Up to 2000HP

1. Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing System
2. New Fully-machined Speed Sensor Port

3. Compressor
Anti-Surged Port Compressor Housing with 0.72A/R
GEN2 Point Milled Wheel with 67.3mm Inducer/84.5mm Exducer

4. Turbine
9 Blades GEN2 Turbine Wheel with 68mm Inducer/62.3mm Exducer
Turbine A/R: 0.83;1.01 Options
Turbine Inlet: 2.5"Vband
Turbine Outlet: 3"Vband